Our Vision

"We strive to serve our customers in order to better their lives."

- Stavroula, Office Manager

Welcome to Omega

Omega Brokerage | Established 1976

Location: 34-20 31 Street, Astoria,  NY 11106              Telephone: 718. 361.5555                Email: omega@omegabrokerage.com

Office hours: 9AM - 5PM

Omega Brokerage is a longstanding multifaceted business within the NYC Taxi Industry, providing a range of services to medallion investors and the for-hire vehicle community at large.

Our team addresses our client’s diverse needs through insurance placement, medallion investment transactions and financing. Each relationship we build with our clients is founded on the commitment to serve honestly, and our advice is guided by the knowledge we have accumulated as an active participant in the industry. Integrity, capability and innovation have led to our business’s vibrant and thoughtful growth over the past thirty-five years.

Omega Brokerage is best defined by its reliability and long-term stability, a source of dependable information for medallion investments and management.

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